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Man's Million dollar rare coin collection flies out car window

A FLORIDA man travelling to a coin show with his $1 million rare coin collection blew a tyre on his car, causing it to flip over as many as five times and send his precious change flying across the highway, WESH.com reported today.

The Orlando television station said the unidentified man initially refused to leave the scene, despite injuries and a heart condition.

"He was in pain, but he was more worried about the money," WESH quoted Florida Highway Patrol Trooper Darryl Haywood Jr. as saying.

The station said the man contacted a network of fellow collectors in the area to help recover the coins and about eight to nine turned out with metal detectors.

Police helped as well and a tow truck driver found $46,000 in bills in the trees, WESH said. However, it was not immediately clear how much of the total was recovered.

The man and his wife had been en route from their home in Boca Raton to a coin show in Jacksonville when the accident occurred Thursday night on Interstate highway 95.

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