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Jennifer Lopez; Mothers day wish

May 7, 2011 By Erica Stewart 

“I’m very excited,” Jennifer talked about her Mother’s Day plans on Friday, which hubby Marc is setting up.
She added further,” So long as it involves me and a bed with my feet up, I’m good. I don’t need anything fancy, I don’t need big gifts, I want none it.”
The mother of two is generally looking forward to spend a good time with her twins, Max and Emme, and also letting her husband take over for the day.
“I want the pitter-patter [of my kids,]” J.Lo told, “I want him to give me a little bit of a break in certain moments and it’ll be him taking care of them, I like that. We have babysitters and family helps out, but when he’s with them I have more of a sense of peace, because I know that they love being with him.”
On Friday’s episode of the “American Idol” judge also get questions with a number of her leading fans; one asked what she may be doing if she did not have a job in entertainment.
“At one point I was thinking about becoming a lawyer, I’d worked in a law office, but I was already dancing, so I was already falling in love with that very much.” Jennifer Lopez said.
One position she was sure she required in her life was motherhood.
“I always knew I wanted a family and I wanted kids,” she told her super fans. “I love spending time with my babies and rolling around with them…wiggle worm is Max, you can’t hold that kid down. My Emme is an angel person, an angel baby.”

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