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Joplin Teen Found, Twister claim's 147 lives!

Aunt confirms Joplin teen missing after graduation has died.

Harsh Facts about the Joplin twister:

-Death toll from Joplin tornado to date 147.
-More than 900 injured.
-105 people unaccounted for.
-Tornado rated an EF5 packing 200mph winds.
-30% of Joplin destroyed.
-Tornado left a swath of destruction 1/2 mile wide and 13 miles long.
-8,000 buildings destroyed.
- Morgue has 142 human remains.
-Deadliest single twister since 1947,
-31 positively identified so far.
- Only 19 of the dead identified and released to families.
-2011 deadliest year for tornadoes since 1950.
-273 tornadoes in just 6 days.
-Total for the year so far, 520.

A massive EF-5 tornado struck the small Missouri town of Joplin on May 22.  It scored a direct hit on the city of 50,000 people killing more than 100 people. Hundreds more were injured and rescue teams are still searching the rubble for survivors. It left a swath of destruction nearly a mile wide, damaging some 8,000 buildings.

Some 156 people were still unaccounted for on Friday, as dozens were confirmed alive, six were determined to be dead and others were reported missing and added to the list of names authorities had released on Thursday, officials said.

Investigators were also using tips from family and friends as well as Facebook and other social media posts to separate the missing from the dead.

"We are working around the clock to expedite this process so that families can have their loved ones returned to them," Missouri Deputy Director of Public Safety Andrea Spillars said.

Authorities also said the remains of only 19 of the dead have been identified and released to families.
The massive twister destroyed an estimated 30 percent of the city; entire neighborhoods were reduced to vast piles of rubble. "It's like taking a mower through tall grass. That's what it looks like. The devastation is complete. It is down to the ground," said State Senator Ron Richard.

St. John's Hospital, one of two Joplin hospitals, sustained heavy damage and hospital officials said Friday it was beyond renovation. They plan to open a 60-bed mobile hospital Sunday and officials said teams were evaluating new Joplin sites. (Reuters contributed to this article)

Below are organizations that are working on relief and recovery in the region.

AMERICAN RED CROSS: Opening emergency shelters for families affected by the severe storms.  To designate your gift to Red Cross Disaster Relief, select "National Disaster Relief" in the designation field. Donate here. http://www.redcross.org/

AMERICARES: AmeriCares is working with the National Conference of Community Health Centers to assess needs and mobilize a response for communities affected by the deadliest series of twisters in more than 40 years. To designate your gift to US Disaster Relief, write "US Disaster Relief Fund" in the designation field. Donate here.

DIRECT RELIEF INTERNATIONAL: Assisting local clinics and healthcare providers whose facilities have been destroyed or evacuated. To designate your gift to Disaster Relief, write "Emergency Preparedness & Response" in the designation field.

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