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5/24/2011 Lauren finished all three songs during Idol taping

TMZ broke the story Lauren could not finish her rehearsal and the doctor froze her throat to save her voice.  Haley Reinhart was summoned to the set and ready to perform if Lauren couldn't.

The doctor compared Lauren's throat to a runner with a sprained ankle.

But the show just started live on the East coast and the Midwest and Lauren is there.  We'll let you know how she's doing.

UPDATE: Lauren has finished two songs ... so far, so good. Her voice hasn't cracked once during the entire show. In fact, according to the judges, her second song topped Scotty's.

UPDATE #2: Lauren just wrapped her last song for the night. Fair to say she wasn't 100% ... but the judges loved her. According to Steven Tyler, Lauren will win tomorrow ... "hands down."TMZ is reporting Lauren Alaina May Drop Out of 'American Idol' Finale

5/24/2011 3:29 PM PDT by TMZ Staff 

Lauren Aaina may not get her shot to be the next "American Idol" because she has lost her voice ...spies on the set tell TMZ... and it could be the break of a lifetime for Haley Reinhart.

We're told during the rehearsal this afternoon, Lauren -- who has been losing her voice -- was supposed to sing three songs.  She got through the first, struggled through the second and was unable to perform the third.

Our spies say a doctor on the set has ordered Lauren not to sing or speak, but there is a "real possibility" she will not be able to perform on tonight's show.

We're told if Lauren is unable to perform, producers will reinstate the third place finisher -- Haley Reinhart who will then compete against Scotty McCreery for the title.

Producers are trying to find Haley right now.

 After performing last night with injured vocal chords, "American Idol" finalist Lauren Alaina wasn't taking any chances with her voice as she and competitor Scotty McCreery fielded questions from the press. Rather than risking her voice, Lauren, with the help of  Scotty, spoke to journalists via old-school pen and paper.

When asked about how they feel about their odds to win tonight, Lauren said (via Scott) that she felt that "being in the finale" with Scott makes her feel like she had "already won."

As far as the possibility of a post-"Idol" duet, Scotty said they've "talked about it a lot," adding "they'll see what the future holds."

Judge Steven Tyler says he didn't know about Lauren's vocal issue until right before the show, complimenting her for singing "her rear end off" despite the injury.

Fellow Judge Randy Jackson is glad she was able to "work her way through" her vocal problem to perform last night. He praised both Lauren and Scotty for "really stepping it up tonight" like "veteran performer[s]."

Watch the video to hear more from the "Idol" finalists and judges, and tune in to "American Idol" tonight on FOX to see who will win this season.


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