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Dwayne Johnson: Final Cut Of 'Furious 7' Is 'Great'

Dwayne Johnson has seen "Furious 7," and given it his seal of approval.

Access Hollywood's Billy Bush spoke with the actor on the Academy Awards red carpet on Sunday, and asked about the highly-anticipated "Fast & Furious" installment.

"Everything is good for 'Fast & Furious,'" Dwayne told Billy. "I saw the movie. [It's] great."

And The Rock is pleased with his other upcoming action movie, "San Andreas," as well.

"Everything's great for 'San Andreas' – I wrapped that yesterday, shot a little bit today," he said. "It's gonna be incredible."

"Furious 7" hits theaters on April 3, while "San Andreas" is set for theatrical release on May 29.
-- Erin O'Sullivan

Read more at http://www.accesshollywood.com/dwayne-johnson-final-cut-of-furious-7-is-great_article

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