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Bruce Jenner involved in fatal car crash

Lead photo by Ray Tharaldson all rights reserved 2015

by Elizabeth Weise
Former Olympian Bruce Jenner was in one of the cars involved in a three-car crash that killed one person in Malibu, Calif, Saturday afternoon, 

Los Angeles Police say.
Jenner's publicist, Alan Nierob, says Jenner was unhurt, but offered no additional details.

Police deputies added that Jenner was not being chased by paparazzi at the time, contrary to earlier reports.

The crash occurred at approximately 12:12 pm Pacific time in the town of Malibu, at the corner of Pacific Coast Highway and Corral Canyon Road, said Sgt. Matthew Dunn of the Los Angeles Police Department."

There was one fatality," Dunn said. The crash is currently under investigation, he said.
City News Service reports that as many as seven people may have been injured.

A rescue helicopter landed at Pepperdine University, 2 miles east of the crash, to pick up one victim. It isn't clear if that was the person who has been declared dead.

Veronica Bermudez works at the Malibu Roadhouse restaurant, very close to the site of the accident."

There are still one, two, three, four cars out on the road, they've got it all blocked off," she said, looking out the window of the restaurant just after 2 pm."

It happened so fast, it was pretty bad," she said.

She didn't know what might have caused the crash as the roadway is generally not very busy, "there's not a lot of traffic here," she said.

She did wonder whether paparazzi following Jenner might have been involved.

"They were here right away, how could they have gotten here that fast otherwise?" she said.

After the accident they "just stayed on Pacific Coast Highway, taking pictures," she said. "I don't know why they have to follow him and not just leave him alone," she said.

"There were three or four cars involved, it was a big accident," said Shakeen Rahamal, who works at the 76 gas station close to the site of the crash.

Jenner has been much in the news in the past months because of speculation that he is transitioning from male to female.

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