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William Shatner Flies to L.A. in Time for Leonard Nimoy's Funeral

by Ryan Gajewski - AP Photo/Ric Francis

William Shatner appears to be able to attend Leonard Nimoy's funeral after all.

The actor was photographed by Splash photo agency at Los Angeles International airport Sunday around noon, according to the New York Post. This would allow him to attend his friend and Star Trek co-star's Sunday memorial services.

Shatner said Saturday that he had a charity engagement in Florida and wouldn't be able to make it to the furneral for Nimoy, who died Friday at age 83.

He spent the early part of Sunday defending his decision to uphold his commitment, despite backlash from the media and Twitter users. He also answered fans' questions about Nimoy, with Shatner telling one Twitter user that, unlike Spock, the actor himself was "warm and loving."

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