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Britney Spears squeaks as she dances in her latex catsuit in musicless rendition of Oops! I Did It Again

By Heather Waugh
Ever the professional, Britney Spears kept a straight face when her red latex catsuit squeaked on the set of her 2000 music video for Oops! I Did It Again.

Or at least that's what one creative sound editor imagined when he put together a musicless parody of the popstrel moving through her routine of the hit song.

Mario Wienerroither - who specializes in the music video spoofs - rather humorously dubbed awkward creaking sound effects to an uncut clip of Brit's track and it's impressively realistic.

The 33-year-old star - who was 18 at the time the video was shot - is seen working her way through her moves like a pro seemingly ignoring the embarrassing sounds.

Wienerroither added perfectly timed squeaks and creaks as she dances and even drops in the sounds of pyrotechnics in the background.

For more laughs he dubbed the imagined sounds coming from Britney as she performs her energetic dance moves including 'Ah' and 'hmph'.

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