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The Band Perry is mining gold!

Story and photo's by Ray Tharaldson, WRLTHD
The Band Perry started their fair season at the Goshen County Fair. Sister and brothers trio Kimberly, Reid and Neil Perry took the crowd captive with their first hit, "Hip to my Heart" and never let go.

This relatively young group has roots that run deep in country music with a helping of rock & roll for flavor. They have their parents to thank for a perfect marriage of country and rock & roll.

"Daddy rocked us to sleep with Rolling Stones and Mama woke us up with Loretta Lynn, so we get it honest," Kimberly shares with the crowd.

By all accounts its a formula that works. Earlier this year fans voted The Band Perry "Top New Group" at the Academy of Country Music awards and their single "You Lie" has become Certified Gold.

The trio enjoys tremendous cross over appeal with pop stations. As you look out over the crowd you'll notice fans of all age groups, the perfect storm for promoters and record companies.

The Band Perry broke out their newest song, "All Your Life," set to hit the airwaves soon.

"Give your sweetheart a sweaty hug, they'll thank you," Kimberly says as they launch into the ballad.

Commemorating their first fair of the season the group played "Last Song." It had only been played live one other time.

“I hope we can get from the top to the bottom without too many missed chords,” Kimberly joked.

The Tennessee natives perform what they call “American” music - the crossroads of rock and country music. Proving the point, “Independence” featured their fiddle player and included an interlude of Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin.” A roll coaster of music styles followed.

Kimberly's moving rendition of "Amazing Grace" turned the packed grandstands into a sing along. The trio then broke into a medley of American songs. “American Pie,” “Jack & Diane” and “Bobby McGee” had the audience singing and tapping their toes. “Fat Bottomed Girls” let Neil take the microphone.

Their latest hit single, "You Lie," has now earned Gold certification from the RIAA for sales exceeding 500,000. "You Lie" was written by Aaron, Brian and Clara Henningsen and recently rose to #2 on both the Billboard Country Albums Chart and the USA Today/Country Aircheck powered by Mediabase Chart.

"‘You Lie' is full of spitfire and it's our high-five to everyone who's been the victim of a cheatin' heart," explained The Band Perry. "Only in Country music could a song about feeling fed-up be so much fun to sing. When we perform this one, we get a big ‘amen!' back and we thank everyone who has joined in."

"Plain and simple…this song has more hooks than a tackle box!" said Jimmy Harnen, Republic Nashville President.

The Band Perry is on course to be Platinum by year's end. We think they will get there. They deserve it.

Meanwhile, The Band Perry remain on tour with Tim McGraw.

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