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Nathan Osmond release's new single, "The Tailgate Song"

August 26, 2011 - Nashville, TN - Question: What do Tailgating and Country music have in common? Answer: Nathan Osmond. Already hitting number one this year on the Independent Country charts and number eight on the major Country charts with his single "SWEET," Pretty World Records is proud to release what they feel is another solid Country hit, "The Tailgate Song." 

This toe-tapping, true to Country roots, sports-nut anthem was written by Grammy award winning songwriters, Gary Baker ("I Swear", "I'm Already There"), Frank Myers ("I Swear", "My Front Porch Looking In") and Matt Johnson. It tells the story of Billy, a straight-laced accountant who seems to be living a double life. He has his daily, boring routine at the office, but come Saturdays around September, "he's not the guy you remember." He seems to be the biggest super fan of all! Osmond will be shooting the music video on September 3rd in Carthage, TN, just outside Nashville with director Matt Houser who is credited for helping to shoot Rascal Flatts & Natash Bettingfield's latest video, "Easy." When asked about the video Osmond said, "I am thrilled to have Dad's Old Fashioned Root Beer as the official sponsor of the video and am looking forward to working with the city of Carthage, TN." The video will feature cheerleaders, rednecks, hottie referees, marching bands, football players, face-painted-super-fans and Billy the straight-laced accountant who is the life of the tailgate party. 

Osmond recorded the song at the infamous NoiseBlock Music Group studios in Florence, AL. Gary Baker, who also produced the song, brought in Nashville's top musicians to play on Osmond's track. The song is hitting radio stations around the globe and is available to radio stations for download at: www.AirPlayaccess.com.  For more information, go to www.NathanOsmond.com or contact Nathan Osmond's manager, LeeAnn Lallone (L&L Management) in Nashville, TN. (615) 310-0718 or leelallone@comcast.net and Tom Roach (812)827-4003 toroach@insightbb.co

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