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This 920-pound gator set an Alabama hunting record!

Posted by Teddy Mitrosilis

How do football fans in Alabama spend the last couple weeks of the offseason while everyone is worrying about two-deeps and QB battles?

By hunting massive gators.

Check this guy out:

That's a 920-pound gator caught recently in Lake Eufaula and is a new record for the lake at 13 feet and six inches (records are determined by length not weight).
Scott Evans and Jeff and Justin Gregg hauled in the massive alligator on the first night of gator hunting season in Alabama and needed the help of three other men to secure it.
"We are still sore (four days later)," Evans told al.com." It was hard enough to get the head and shoulders in the boat."

It's believed to be the second heaviest alligator ever hunted in Alabama behind a 1,011.5-pound gator caught last year that set a world record at 15 feet and nine inches (that gator cheated, though, with approximately 115 pounds of that coming from a deer in the gator's stomach).

As all of you are probably wondering: What the hell do you do after catching a 920-pound alligator?
Throw a huge Labor Day cookout with 250 pounds of meat. "It won't go to waste," Evans said.

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