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Highlights: Floyd Mayweather Jr beats Manny Pacquiao to Win Fight of the Century

Boxing Mayweather

Manny Pacquiao beat Floyd Mayweather in 12 rounds to win Fight of the Century at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. Catch highlights here: 

Reported by: Rajarshi Gupta

Years of debate and months of hype reached a climax Saturday when� Floyd Mayweather beat� Manny Pacquiao in Las Vegas . Catch highlights here. (All Times IST)
10:22 AM: Mayweather beats Pacquiao by unanimous decision in 12 rounds to win the Fight of the Century.
10:12 AM: The final round of the Fight of the Century under way. This has been a very, very tense bout so far. Mayweather did well to come back with some counter-punches after being on the receiving end of the Filipino.
10:10 AM: Sense of urgency from Mayweather as the bout enters the championship rounds. The American has been aggressive once again in Rd 11, trying to snatch some initiative from Pacquiao
10:05 AM: Nine rounds done and the bout has taken a dramatic turn. Pacquiao has fought back brilliantly and put Money Mayweather under severe pressure in front of his fellow Americans.
9:56 AM: Round 7 over and Pacquiao continues to take the fight over to Mayweather, who had started the bout with plenty of confidence.
9:53 AM:� Pacquiao continues his fightback halfway into the fight of the century. Mayweather looks under pressure after Rd 6. He gets a talking to on the ringside.
9:44 AM: Pacquiao fights back with furious counter-punches against Mayweather in Rd 4.
Boxing Mayweather
Pacquiao fought back after a weak start against Mayweather


9:39 AM: Mayweather is looking increasingly dangerous as the fight progresses. But Pacquiao is beginning to fight back with some counter punches in Rd 4.
9:35 AM: Pacquiao under pressure after Rd 2. Mayweather lands some powerful punches and is looking strong here. Some tactical blunders from the Filipino, who looks a little rattled.
9:32 AM: Eventful Rd 1 Mayweather starts a conversation with Pacquiao before the referee separated
9:28 AM: Fight of the century under way after final instructions from the referee.
Mayweather walk MGM
Mayweather walks in for the fight of the century


9:18 AM: Manny Pacquiao, Filipino Congressman walks out for the richest sporting event of the planet. He raised himself from abject poverty to be counted as one of the wealthiest sporting stars in the world. His opponent, "Money" Mayweather is all bling and glitz.
9:14 AM: The national anthems are done. Jamie Fox led the anthem for the United States. Sensational atmosphere at the MGM. Finally, it's game time!
9:05 AM: It's a real celeb-fest!. Drew Barrymore, Paris Hilton, Magic Johnson are ringside. No one is sitting - they want to have a glance at the two men who matter today. Just moments away from the bout.
Paris Hilton MGM Grand Arena
Paris Hilton waits for the bout to begin at the MGM Grand Arena


8:54 AM: There is a bit of a delay to the start of the bout. The demand for pay-per-view has shot up dramatically in the run up to fight time. Meanwhile, Drew Barrymore is ringside as is NBA great Magic Johnson.
8:45 AM: Huge cheer around the arena as Mayweather gets ready for fight night. The American is unbeaten in his 47 fights. His opponent, Pacquiao is also a global icon.
8:42 AM: A-listers and high-rollers have made up the vast majority of a 16,800 sell-out crowd, making the fight more akin to a night out at the Oscars than two men attempting to pound the other to the canvas.
8:39 AM: The big moment has arrived. Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather are ready to take the ring at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. The full-capacity crowd is making a lot of noise.
8:34 AM: They continue to pour in. Rarely has such a star galaxy been seen at a sporting event. Michael Jordan, Evander Holyfield, Mark Wahlberg and Robert de Niro arrive for the bout.
8:25 AM: Right then, we are barely five minutes away from the most hyped boxing bout in the last 100 years. Pacquiao was seen shadow practicing backstage - the Filipino looks calm and collected. Mayweather of course is likely to have the majority of the crowd backing him at the MGM Grand.
8:22 AM: Moments away from the biggest and the most expensive sporting event of the planet. Millions of dollars at stake. The movie superstars, global sporting powerhouses and the world media are glued in ringside at the MGM Grand Arena.
 Denzel Washington (L) and director Antoine Fuqua
Denzel Washington (L) and director Antoine Fuqua pose ringside at the MGM Grand Arena


8:14 AM: Pacquiao, an icon in the Philippines, is a two-term congressman with a music and film career. He stands to win $ 100 million if he beats Mayweather in today's welterweight world title championship.
8:04 AM : Hollywood superstar Clint Eastwood arrives at MGM Grand Arena for the bout.
8:02 AM: MGM Grand has received $500,000 wager on Manny Pacquiao
MGM Grand Arena fans
Fans arrive for the bout. The cheapest tickets are worth nearly Rs 13 lakh


8:01 AM: Both boxers arrived for the most expensive sporting event in the planet to loud cheers from the thousands gathered at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. There were several movie superstars, who also lined up for the fight of the century.
7: 59: Breathtaking figures:
- Mayweather might make $200 million today. Pacquiao can take $100 million
- Total revenue for the bout could reach $400 million
- Something between $60 million and $80 million worth of bets will be placed on the bout in Nevada
Story first published on: Sunday, 03 May 2015 06:49 IST



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