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John Carter Cash and Ana Cristina w/Raelyn Nelson Band & Rebecca Correia

One of the many aspects of Nashville’s awesomeness is its unique position as a “Legacy Town.” It doesn’t take long to trip over a son, daughter, grandkid, niece or nephew of one musical legend or another. But another point in Nashville’s favor is that blood kin doesn’t automatically open the doors of success. John Carter Cash has been building his own musical legacy for many years as a singer, songwriter and producer, pulling off the delicate balance of honoring his famous parents’ legacies while still speaking in his own voice. With Cuban-American vocalist Ana Cristina along for the show, there is sure to be some sweet harmony. Raelyn Nelson has also found her own way: She may be the granddaughter of Willie, one of country music’s greatest artistic outlaws, but she’s also forged her own version of country-rock contrarianism. Blood may tell, but it’s the music that matters. RANDY FOX
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