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Dani Jo | Perfect Storm | CD Baby Music Store

Dani Tharaldson
"After 2 years my album is finally on iTunes! I'm so excited it's finally released, please check it out!"  
If You Like Brett Eldridge, Luke Bryan or Carrie Underwood you're bound to like Dani Jo's latest CD entitled Perfect Storm!

Dani Jo's style is a quirky mix of Modern Country with a twist of pop.

Song list includes:

1. Better This Way
2. Can't Go Back
3. Dear Girl With the Broken Heart
4. Happily Ever After
5. I'm Sorry
6. I Just Wanna Find Me
7. My Heart Beats for You
8. My Heart Melts Each Time
9. Perfect Storm
10. She May Be Waiting

You can order a copy of Dani Jo's CD 'Perfect Storm' here:

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