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Ron Howard To Return To Acting In Arrested Development

LOS ANGELES, Calif. -- “Arrested Development” fans, rejoice!

Ron Howard, executive producer/narrator of the fan-favorite TV comedy, will make his return to acting (after a lengthy award-winning break as a director/producer) in the show’s upcoming fourth season.

“I would kind of like to act again — in fact, I don’t think I’m giving away too much to say I’m going to wind up on camera in the new ‘Arrested Development’ episodes,” Ron revealed to Kit Hoover and guest co-host Donny Deutsch on Friday’s Access Hollywood Live.

While the decorated director — who earned Hollywood prominence at the tender age of 6 (playing Opie on “The Andy Griffith Show”) — is excited to get back to his acting roots, the 58-year-old star admitted he’s a bit anxious about getting back in front of the camera.

“I’m a little nervous. I have to shoot my first scene [for ‘Arrested Development’] next week and I realized it’s been really a hell of a long time since I memorized any dialogue,” he said. “I’ve become very used to being the one sitting [with my] arms folded in judgment and suddenly I’ll be back out there!”

Ron’s daughter, “The Help” star Bryce Dallas Howard, offered to assist her father with preparation for the role.

“[Bryce] said, ‘You know, Dad, if you wanna run lines, come on by!’” he said with a laugh.

The father-daughter duo worked together for Canon’s Project Imagina8ion – where Ron produced a film based on user-submitted photos, while Bryce directed.

As for whether Ron will ever direct his daughter in a film, he said he’s not sure he’s ready for the complications which may arise when dad and director duties are joined together in a work environment.

“People are always asking, ‘When will you direct Bryce?’… Of course I want to, but my joke reaction is to say, ‘I’ve never in my career had an actor or actress roll their eyes at me when they get directed,’” he joked. “And I’m just a little concerned [eye-rolling] is hard-wired into our relationship!”

For more information on how you can submit photos for year two of Canon’s project (Project Imaginat10n, which will feature directors Eva Longoria, Jamie Foxx, Georgina Chapman, Biz Stone and James Murphy), head to imagination.usa.canon.com.

“Arrested Development” Season 4 will be released on Netflix early next year.

-- Erin O’Sullivan

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