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American Women Media Launches in Time For Mother's Day!

Startup, multimedia company American Women Media, LLC (AWM), co-founded and run by media veterans Tamara Colbert and Deborah Flora, today unveiled its website AmericanWomenMedia.com, which coincides with the official launch of the company.

 Created as a principled, non-partisan platform for the voices of American women, AWM is dedicated to providing a forum through which women can elevate the dialogue about real issues and real solutions and encourage one another to make a difference for themselves, their families, communities and country by championing their positive values and classic ideals.

Said Colbert, "There is a huge void in today's media market for a majority of American women who do not want to be defined or dismissed by polarizing labels. Our goal is to unite, invigorate and equip American women with the tools they need to make a difference, and to let them know that their voices matter and there is a place for them to be heard."

Added Flora, "Today's American woman is energized and galvanized as never before, and yet she is underserved by the offerings of television, radio and online, where content is either purely political or solely social. AWM invites women to the conversation, informing them with truth and the facts in order to help enrich their lives, inspire and ignite them to action."

The foundational platform for AWM is its online presence AmericanWomenMedia.com
where women can gather and share information that impacts the future for all facets of their lives. Specifically, AWM's website includes pages related to health, career, family, inspiration, hot topics and blogs by both the co-founders and guest bloggers. Critical to the site is the 'Your Voice' section that gives women the opportunity to submit ideas, personal stories, ask questions, start a dialogue and connect with other American women. The 'Your Voice' section also contains a unique values survey to capture a true reflection of today's American woman and what matters to her most.


Tamara Colbert has more than 18 years in public relations and 7 years of production experience, including a Master's degree in Business Management from the University of Redlands. Tamara's corporate work specialized in consulting with Fortune 500, Internet start-ups and non-profit companies, including Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, NASA, European Space Agency and the Ronald McDonald House among others. One of the unique aspects of Tamara's experience is that she's worked in 70 countries around the world as a public relations executive, freelance news and documentary producer. This international experience has provided her with a wider, global perspective in business, news, political and community relations.

Deborah Flora is a Summa Cum Laude graduate from SMU who has over 20 years of experience in the entertainment and broadcast industries as an award-winning actress, host and producer. Most recently, she produced the award- winning full-length documentary, "Lt. Dan Band: For The Common Good" featuring Academy Award® Nominee Gary Sinise, and Academy Award® winners Jon Voight and Robert Duvall. She has worked in Development for production companies that have won Emmy® and Golden Globe Awards®. Deborah also has extensive hosting experience in multiple broadcast formats on both network and cable shows, and as an actress appeared in numerous films, television shows, and theatre productions. As a President's Scholar, she attended Salzburg College while studying music privately at the Mozarteum Conservatory, and as Miss Colorado and 2nd Runner-Up to Miss America, Deborah spoke and performed extensively around the world.

For more information visit American Women Media at:

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